25.1. Fetish Club: Uniformal

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Fetish Club: Uniformal
Saturday 25.1.2020 8 pm-2:30 am.
Show Time, Käsityöläiskatu 10 Turku
Tickets: 20 € or 10 € for members of collaborating BDSM associations and TuSeta (CASH ONLY!)
R-18 / no dresscode

Turun Baletti's new year starts off again with Fetish Club: Uniformal.

Uniformal is held at ShowTime from 8pm to 02:30 am - we are partying 30 minutes later than usual because this is so far our final Fetish Club held on a Saturday at the venue.

There is no dresscode but seeing uniforms of all kinds would be great! In addition to the eyecandy created by the multitude of outfits, there will be a free prize draw and after midnight the stage will sport a show of heat and light.

All of our dungeon equipment is freely available for everyone to use and our helpful staff is there to assist you in case you need help. We also have dj's to keep the party pumping to the end.

There is a "selfie area" in the dressing room - please consider other people, photographing elsewhere is strictly forbidden!

Our traditional kinky fleamarket is again open so bring your no longer needed outfits, shoes and toys etc. with you, tag them in advance at home (for example with masking tape) with the price and your nickname, leave them at the TB info desk (pool table in the lobby) and collect your earnings and unsold items when the fleamarket closes at midnight - simple!

You're most welcome to spend a uniform filled night with in a jagged good company!


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25.1. Fetish Club: Uniformal
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