Like in kinky events in general, there is certain etiquette enforced in events of Turun Baletti. This ensures the the events are both pleasing and safe experience to all attendants.

1. You can look but you can not touch anyone.

Kinky parties are places where you can express yourself in ways that you might otherwise have to hide. Thus everyone should be given space and little privacy. You can always ask politely and you can always say no.

2. Do not interfere in sessions of others without permission.

When you see others spanking or doing bondage, let them play. If the situation looks such that you would like to join, you can ask politely if you can. However, be ready to receive a refusal. No one is obligated to spank you or let you spank them.

3. Give sessions space and peace.

Do not comment on sessions of others unless asked to. Also note that e.g. spanking requires a considerable amount of space: do not stand watching too close or you might get hit without willing so. It is also considered impolite to stare at sessions without permissions or too close.

4. All kind of photography is absolutely banned.

Turun Baletti offers a photographer that can take a picture of your outfit and send it to your email. Non-authorized people that are found taking photos will be removed from the premises.

5. What happens in the party, stays in the party.

Honor everyone's privacy. No matter who or what you see in a party, you do not need to tell it to outsiders. Not everyone is publicly kinky, so let everyone stay anonymous if they choose so.

If you see activities that are against this etiquette, please, inform the badge carrying staff of Turun Baletti. Issues are best resolved at once. Afterwards it might be impossible to do anything about it.