Kinky organizations organize many events of various forms: there are pub and café get togethers, meetings, member events, fetish clubs and dresscode parties. Two latter are organized with different names depending on the event and city. Club concept is basically the same everywhere, but the following description is specifically for Turun Baletti's events.

Member pricing
You must present a membership card of the ongoing period to be eligible for member pricing.

SMFR ry: With a repeat membership card, upon entry to any Turun Baletti event, please use your phone or tablet to login to your membership database and present the validated card-id at the ticket counter to receive your discounted price.

Club Abzint: Upon entry to any Turun Baletti event, please use your phone or tablet to login to your account on the Club Abzint website and present your CA membercard validity date to receive your discounted price.

Fetish Clubs

Fetish Clubs are events open to all. Turun Baletti holds 2 - 4 fetish clubs each year. Attendants are usually interested in kinky from regulars to first timers. Clubs usually have programme suited to the theme of the event, DJ playing music and the ever popular dungeon equipment. Experienced members of Turun Baletti assist in use of the dungeon equipment. You can also come to just enjoy the mood.


Clothing interests and intrigues many, especially first timers. You can get to a Fetish Club in any kinds of clothes - or even without. Kinky/fetish dress code is not enforced. Nevertheless we encourage you to live up to the kinky mood also with your clothes.

Usually 75-90 percent of the attendance follow the dress code. The rest wear more casual clothes and they are not shunned for this. One of the purposes of the Fetish Club is to give people a chance to get know the kinky culture without a too steep step. There is a tidy dressing room for those, who don't want to dress up before entering the premises.

And on these occasions extremely cool/sexy/exposing/bizarre attires are encouraged. If you are wondering whether your costume is too bold, it's not!

Programme and Play

During the evening there are usually a couple of small programmes, and the participants are occasionally cheered up with e.g. some ex tempore contests. Our stage nor our budget allow any especially huge shows, but something is usually arranged. The stage is also usually open to enthusiast performers. Although the clubs are organized in a club known for their exotic dancers, they do not perform during Fetish Clubs.

We try to bring forth also other variations of fetish and bondage in addition to stereotypical (but nevertheless essential) s/m, spanking etc. The functionality of the events at their best however come from the participants themselves. After all, all of the Baletti's dungeon equipment is in use: spanking horse, sling, cage, cross, stock and suspension frame. If some of these terms are not familiar you will find out about them on site. Also the staff will advice on their use and playing with a suitable partner is free.

We do not offer session partners (that should be quite obvious, but this is asked regularly). We gladly offer above mentioned advicing, and you can ask e.g. for a light spanking to experience it. So called dark room, which is meant for more intimate activities, the fetish clubs don't offer.

Etiquette / Safety

Etiquette is vital for functioning and safe parties. You should always behave with tact and take others into account. Do not yell at others, if their outfits or actions should not match your own interests. Compliments on the other hand, are always welcome and often given. Fetish Club is a place where everyone can come as they are regardless of norms.

No matter how attractively and seducively others dress or act, you are now allowed to lay your hands on them, or be rude in any other way. No one should forced into any activity without their free will, everything is consensual. If and when others have sessions in public, it does not mean that everyone can participate. To uphold the good mood, rule violators will be removed from the premises. Photography ban is unconditional. Turun Baletti will arrange a photographer to the clubs that will send photographs to your personal email address. Also, do not speak of who or what you have seen to outsiders.

By abiding to a common etiquette we create a safe and comfortable atmosphere to the parties where all attendants can enjoy themselve. Red more on the Etiquette page.


Kinky flea market has been a regular part of Fetish Clubs. You can buy or sell good quality second hand clothes, shoes or equipment. If you bring items to sell, you should mark them clearly with your nick and the price and the staff of Turun Baletti will handle the merchandise, hand over the profits and return unsold items at the end of the evening free of charge. The amount of items available in the flea market vary from party to party but it will be put up every time there's merchandise to sell, so hey, try it out yourself!

Before events our website will tell you about programme and other special occasions. If there's a theme for the party it's often just to cheer things up and bring variation. Theme never binds the outfits or activities of attendants. It just gives you a possible hint to the mood.

Evening should be started early, as the last call is always half past one!

Night Club Show Time, where we operate, is normally a so called strip joint. However during fetish clubs there will be no strippers, related activities or clientele. The premises are all reserved to kinky crowd and this will be told at the entrance.

Show Time has a license to serve alcohol and an age limit of 18. Entrance fee includes cloakroom fee.

Dresscode Parties

Each year either in late spring or early summer Turun Baletti organises a larger dresscode party in varying location. Unlike in the Fetish Clubs, abiding the dresscode is a condition of admission. Also the framework is larger and programme more impressive than in the Fetish Clubs. These events have the same etiquette enforced as in Fetish Clubs. Also the dungeon equipment will be there along with DJs and host. However the programme and outfits are usually more dashing and out of town visitors are much more common. Dresscode Parties are organized only once each year, so the are to be expected!

Christmas Party

Late in the year Turun Baletti organises a Christmas Party for members.

Bar and Sauna Meetings

Occasionally Turun Baletti organises bar and sauna meetings for members. Bar meetings are usually open events where you can easily get to know members of the organization. Time is spent by playing board games, catching up, developing ideas or just getting to know people casually with pints and cups. There is absolutely no need to show off with your outfit.

Sauna meetings are mostly closed recreational events for members where we concentrate on the essentials, sauna and hanging out, possibly eating and board games. Both are excellent places to get to know new people and get to know the insides of the association.

Workshops and Courses

In addition Turun Baletti organizes workshops and courses to its members over various subjects. So far we have had rope bonding, handling of natural rope, crafting a flogger and leather workshop. Instructors are either members of Turun Baletti or external hires.

Board Meetings

Board of Turun Baletti meets usually once per month to handle current issues. Meetings are open events where both those who want to join the association and those otherwise interested in the subject are welcome.

Cultural and Physical Activities

Occasionally Turun Baletti organises e.g. tickets to theatre. During winter season we have also gathered weekly for indoor sports and we have a book club that meets few times in a year to discuss both topical and classical BDSM literature.