Turun Baletti is an association based on voluntary activities and welcomes all those interested in kinky to join. There are several levels and ways to be a part of Turun Baletti and every contribution is as important. This page details what tasks various events require to accomplish everything. Various activities are described on the Events page.

Meetings and Bar Nights

Meetings of Turun Baletti are usually held at the cabinet of restaurant Old Bank (follow the left hand side of the counter and continue as far as you can), bar nights in predetermined places. Times and places are shown on the website and on the forum. Both of them are low threshold events to acquaint yourself with the people or just to follow from the sidelines - you can also join Turun Baletti in both events, or at least let it be known that you would like to join. Meetings follow the agenda but are relatively free form. You can join in planning future events and tell your own ideas. Bar nights are more about hanging out together and getting to know other kinkies, or for playing board games.


Parties are large communally organized events. Helping hands are needed in both Fetish Clubs and Dresscode parties from ideas to practical work. It can be said that there are three essential parts in creating a party: ideas, building and the party itself. Every one can join in any of these phases. No one is forced to do anything they do not want to. Enthusiasm and skills of every one will be taken into account - after all, activities of Turun Baletti are based on volunteering. Responsibility will be handed out to those who want it so that no one person should be responsible of everything alone.


You should never forget the brain work preceding a party, especially for bigger dresscode parties there will be separate workgroups e.g. for decoration and programme that meet to plan the event. Workgroups are open and anyone can join them, even if you don't have any ready ideas.


Building a Fetish Club includes for example:

  • assembly dungeon equipment
  • attaching information signs
  • decor
  • ticket sales
  • photography
  • spanker or spankee
  • binder or bindee
  • planner in meetings before the event

Building a Dresscode party includes for example:

  • programme manager
  • attaching outdoor signs
  • decor
  • covering windows
  • roading
  • leasing car or other property
  • handyman
  • catering
  • cloakroom

List of tasks will be shown on the forum before parties and people can volunteer in them. If you have not been building a party before, you can sign in as a handyman. As a handyman, it is enough to show up and do the tasks you are given. Common tasks are along the lines of "put these posters on that wall" or "do you have time to help in building the dressing room?" Rest assured, every hand will have something to do.

In the Party

You can always come just to party! Participants create the mood with their outfits and manners. You are free to have sessions and play with your partners using the available dungeon equipment. You can dress up and show yourself at your best. And of course you can just watch what others do. Parties are also good occasions to get to know people and create contacts with kinkies around Finland.

Thanks to Builders and Organizers

Turun Baletti will always try to thank the builders and organizers. On Fetish Clubs this often means free entrance. After the Dresscode party there might also be a separate evening event to thank the volunteers.

Other Activities

Forum of Turun Baletti is an excellent place to activate yourself, even if you can not be physically present. Turun Baletti also has a Facebook page acting as an information channel. You can also post your own messages on the wall. Members gain wider access to the forum, showing and allowing you to participate in all the areas. By following Facebook and especially the Forum, you can keep yourself informed of what is happening in Turun Baletti.

Turun Baletti also offers its members floorball sessions, cottage trips, sauna evenings, theatre visits and buss rides to parties in other cities. Some of the events are for members only, although non-members are also occasionally welcome. Just follow our announcements and you will keep up with the current news!