Turun Baletti

Turun Baletti was founded in 2001 (officially as Turun BDSM-yhdistys ry). Since then we have brought together people interested in and curious about fetishes, bondage and sadomasochism. We try to correct myths and misunderstandings about BDSM-culture and hence lower the treshold to approach the world of kink and see it in more positive and communal light.

We are building a more open, safer and more accepting enviroment where the exchange of thoughts and ideas is easy. Through us people can find other people to talk to and with and find help and peer support. We aren't a dating service, though.

logo whiteWith voluntary help we organize regulary club and bar nights and other type of parties. We also arrange picnics, various workshops, cabin retreats and some kinky minded trips. Most of our events are open also for non-members.

To become our member You need: to be full of age, have an interest in kink, and most important, respect for others. Our association is open for everyone and says no to any kind of discrimination.

The most up-to-date news and info You can find from our webpage: www.turunbaletti.net or from our Facebook-page (note: Facebook is mainly in Finnish)

And remember – to join Turun Baletti only kinky enthusiasm is required!