Fetish Club 42 - On the Skin

Sat 15 March 2014
20:00 - 02:00
Show Time
Käsityöläiskatu 10 Turku
Admission 12€ / 8€ (members of Finnish kinky associations and SETA) + cloakroom fee 3,5€

Turun Baletti's Fetish Club 15.3 is on the skin! The cold days are almost over and clothing can be lightened little by little...

You can join the party in very skimpy outfits or almost naked – as always in our fetish clubs – just as you feel most comfortable. This fetish club has no dresscode and you don't need memebership to participate. Come to get to know yourself and others better in the warm and relaxed company of Turun Baletti.

During the evening how to leave temporary decorations – marks – on the skin and the multitude of ways to touch and handle the body is show on stage.

Also present will be a representative from Plastic Trime to exhibit and sell silicone jewelry, which can be showy and skin friendly. Also Whiphunt Studio and kinky fleamarket will be here again. You can bring your own stuff for sale to the fleamarket, or find new treasures. Something completely different can be found in speed dating... There will also be information about the big dresscode party of this summer.

Come to touch and to be touched – but only with permission!

Note! Admission and cloakroom fees are now separate payments, both payable only with cash. As was also true in our first fetish club of the year, fetish outfits no longer gran discounted price. Only members of kinky associations and SETA will get discounted admission. You can of course join at the door and get the discount to admission immediately.