• UNIFORMAL - Fetish Club
    Saturday 30.1.2016 klo 20-02
    Show Time, Käsityöläiskatu 10 Turku
    Liput: 15€ or 10€ for members of Finnish kinky associations and TuSeta
    K-18 / no dresscode

    Turun Baletti Goes Uniformal!

    Once again it's time to put on your uniform and head to Turun Baletti Fetish Club. UNIFORMAL is held at Show Time, like many of our other parties. No dresscode but dressing up and seeing all kinds of uniforms would be lovely.

    All of our dungeon equipment are freely available for everyone to use and our helpful staff is there to assist you in case you need help. We also have dj's to keep the spirits high till the end.

    We are proud to inform that our collaboration with Varusteleka continues, so if you do not have a proper outfit yet, using the code baletti will get -10% off from their products 1.1.-31.1.2016. Discount is open for use even if you are not a member of Turun Baletti.

    So show up and spend a uniform filled night in good company!

  • Turun Baletti is now working together with Varusteleka!

    You can get a 10% discount in January 2016 with the code "baletti". Now is the perfect time to shop for the UNIFORMAL fetish club!



  • halloween

    Turun Baletti: Halloween Fetish Club
    8pm to 2am
    Saturday, October 31st 2015
    Show Time (Käsityöläiskatu 10 Turku)
    Admission: 15€ / 10€ (for members of Finnish kinky associations and TuSeta)
    18+ / NO DRESSCODE

    At the end of October All Hallows' Eve is celebrated at Turun Baletti's Fetish Club. The evening promises chills as kinky people take the skeletons out of their closets and arrive to celebrate the creepiest holiday of the year. All dungeon equipment of Turun Baletti will be available for use and DJs will ensure that good times will last to the end.

    There is no dresscode so you can come in plain clothes if that's your thing. The theme of the evening is as always only to serve as inspiration. Come as you are. The party offers a safe and appreciative environment to dress differently from the mainstream. Welcome to the world of fetishes, BDSM and monsters!

  • MasqueradeMASQUERADE
    8 pm - 2 am
    Saturday September 26th 2015
    Show Time (Käsityöläiskatu 10 Turku)
    Admission: 15€ / 10€ (members of Finnish kinky associations and TuSeta)
    18+ / DRESSCODE

    Turun Baletti's second dresscode party of the year is taking over the autumn Turku! The theme of the party is "My clothes are my attitude" and as before the theme is only for inspiration, not as a restriction for anyone's imagination. Come as you are, do things you like to do and above all else enjoy the party! Aside from admiring the awesome outfits, all of our dungeon equipment is available for everyone to use and our staff is available to assist you in their use.

    The party has a dresscode. This means you are welcome to attend in rubber, leather, pvc, fetish, fantasy, burlesque, freak, uniform, drag and carnival outfits to name just a few. Dresscode however does not include normal street wear, so no jeans and an old white t-shirt - why not try skin paint instead for example. There is a dressing room inside and the cloakroom fee is included in the price of admission.

    Admission fee is 10€/members and 15€/non-members - should you decide to become a member during the event, this can be done at our infodesk. You'll recieve your membership at the discount price of 7€ (normal fee 12€). If this is your first time at one of our events, you are welcome to attend! You can read more about the benefits of membership over here.

    On the stage, there will be shows from at least Furry Kitten, who you might remember from our Play & Pain summer party. Between the shows, the stage is open for the audience. The party is at Show Time where we also have our Fetish Club parties. If you don't have a place to stay for the night, the Omena Hotel is just a block away. Let's get together at the most atmospheric party of September!


  • Turku Pride 2015 Iltabileet

    Turku Pride 2015 Afterparty
    Saturday August 15th 2015, from 10pm to 4 am
    Klubi Live (3rd floor) & Ilta (2nd floor), Humalistonkatu 8 Turku
    Tickets: 8 €
    Age limit: 18 / no dresscode

    After the Turku Pride 2015 parade and park festivities we cordially welcome everyone to come and continue the evening on the dancefloors of Klubi.

    The Turku Pride Afterparty event is hosted by Turun seudun Seta ry and Turun BDSM yhdistys ry Turun Baletti. We offer two parties at the price of one for the Pride-nation. On the third floor you will find the traditional queer rainbow disco of TuSeta and on the second floor you will find Turun Baletti's Fetish Club.

    We have in store burlesque, live-music and a drag show for those who arrive to the party before midnight. The shows are: Possible SpaceOxy-Moron VarietyViper Arms and the Divet Show!

    * * *

    Turku Pride homepage: https://turkupride.wordpress.com
    Facebook event of the Afterparty: https://www.facebook.com/events/906292152796291/