• Uniformal - Fetish Club
    Saturday 31 January 2014 
    8 pm - 2 am
    Show Time, Käsityöläiskatu 10 Turku
    Admission: 15€ / 10€ (members of Finnish kinky associations and SETA)
    18+ / no dresscode

    It is again time to hop (or crawl) into your favorite uniform and head on over to the Turun Baletti fetish club!
    Dressing up is optional as there is no dresscode. However most of the party goers will dress for the occasion and wear anything from leather to rubber or that fantastic thick wool often seen in uniforms, that offers a unique and fun way to test your limits while dying of heat exhaustion! Nurses, military, police, maids, all uniforms are more than welcome!

    All of the dungeon equipment of Turun Baletti will be available for use and the DJs will be playing party tunes for the whole night.

  • Turun Baletti: Fetish Club
    Saturday 1 November 2014 
    8 pm - 2 am
    Show Time, Käsityöläiskatu 10 Turku
    Admission: 12€ / 8€ (members of Finnish kinky associations and SETA) + cloakroom 3,5€
    18+ / no dresscode

    In the beginning of November is All Hallows' Eve and Turun Baletti's Fetish Club. The evening promises chills as fetishists and BDSM people take their skeletons out of their closets and arrive to celebrate the creepiest holiday of the year.

    On the stage you can see Lucky Hell! Finland's first and so far the only female sword swallower. "The most glamorous dare devil since Evel Knievel" - the ultimate mix of glamour and danger. Her unique skill and sexy style has won her a place in the world best cabaret and circus shows. From Russia to China and USA to Australia.

    All dungeon equipment of Turun Baletti will be available for use and DJs will ensure the feeling stays high to the end.

    There is no dresscode so you can come as you are, even in plain clothes if that's your thing. However most of the party goers will dress for the occasion and clad themselves in leather, pvc, rubber, corsets and high heels. Dressing up improves the mood in kinky parties and the fetish club offers a safe and appreciative environment to dress differently.

    Welcome to the world of fetishes, BDSM and monsters!

    For more information: www.turunbaletti.net / info phone: +35850 577 2382

  • Turun Baletti: Fetish Club
    Saturday 20 September 2014
    8 pm - 2 am
    Show Time, Käsityöläiskatu 10 Turku
    Admission: 12€ / 8€ (members of Finnish kinky associations and SETA) + cloakroom 3,5€
    18+ / no dresscode

    This September, the long awaited Turku Pride is finally coming to Turku! After the parade and park festival, we welcome you to join our fetish club/afterparty at Show Time. The theme of Turku Pride this year is: The right to be free - the right to just be. At our Turku Pride club, we are also proud to be who we are - the freedom to be able to choose your own identity and the right to live in peace according to that identity and your personal preferences is a part of everyone's human rights. Come to our club as you are!

    Turun Baletti (also known as the BDSM Association of Turku) is a non-profit association, founded in 2001 and operating in Southwest Finland. Our goal is to lower the bar for 'coming out of the closet' and to help people find their place in the fetish, bondage and sadomasochism culture. We seek to shed prejudice and debunk myths on the subject of BDSM and to prove that fetishes can be approached in a communal way with an attitude of reason and benevolence. Our goal is an open and tolerant world for us kinky folk as well.

    Our September club is specifically tailored for beginners, to whom this is their very first time in a fetish club. We suggest you turn up as early as possible to ensure entry. Welcome!

    * * *

    From 7 pm to 8 pm, an hour before the fetish club opens, we are holding an information event for new party goers and for those who have recently become interested in BDSM. Are you wondering about things like what happens in fetish parties? What can you do and what can't you do? Do you have to do something at a fetish party? What are safe party practices and concensual BDSM like? What are the safety considerations you need to take into account when practicing BDSM?

    We will be going over the basic rules of BDSM, safety factors, party etiquette and the activities of Turun Baletti. Time has been reserved for questions and discussion as well. If you want to participate in the info event, please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 17 September. (If you are only participating in the actual club, you don't need to mail any prior notice.)

    You are welcome to join only the info event and are not required to come to the fetish club afterwards.

    The info event is free and open to anyone interested. Please come on time! The info event is held right next to the entrance so you can't get lost when you come in. After the info event, you can seamlessly move into the fetish club to enjoy your evening at the party. We'll introduce the place and our dungeon devices to you.

    * * *

    For more information: www.turunbaletti.net / info phone: +35850 577 2382

  • Sat 23 August 2014
    21:00 - 02:00
    Hämeenkatu 22, Turku
    Admission 12€ / 10€ (members of Finnish kinky associations and SETA)

    Long expected Dark End of the Rainbow is back! As before TuSeta and Turun Baletti will organize an evening to remember in celebration of beauty and eroticism in each of us, no matter how twisted or perverted it manifests itself. Come to see and experiment, to seek and find.

    A hot August night is spent on Saturday 23 August at Kåren with performers on stage. There will be dungeon equipment present that you are free to try, either by yourself or with the help of assistants. Atmosphere will be closer as the dance floor will be in the same room as other activities.

    There is no dresscode to the party and you are free to come as you are. More or less kinky or wild outfits are allowed and even encouraged, but not necessary. You can change clothes on location in a dressing room. There will also be a photographer that can immortalize you and your outfit.

    Ideas for outfits: https://turunbaletti.fi/en/gallery/fetishclub
    Party etiquette: https://turunbaletti.fi/en/activities/etiquette

    Doors open at 9pm and first performer will take the stage at 10pm. So come early so you can get in, change your outfit and get a beverage to your hand before the first show. Unfortunately we can't sell tickets in advance, but we will seek to ensure seameless sale of tickets at the door. Credit and debit cards are accepted at the door and bar.

    You should also take some cash with you as there will be clothing and accessory retailers present. Admission and beverages can be paid also with card. No persons under the age of 18 will be permitted.

  • Sat 07 June 2014
    21:00 - 04:00
    Barker Theatre
    Raunistulantie 25 Turku
    Admission: 20€ / 15€ (members of Finnish kinky associations and SETA)

    In early June Turun Baletti changes to industrial mood and takes over Barker Theatre again. Early on there will be industrial experimental bondage and around the midnight the stage will be transformed into a "Sub Factory" by Teatteri Tuska. In addition to DJs musical entertainment is provided by Possible Space: cosmic industrial music for humans and machines.


    • Map Link
    • You should bring cash with you as the admission can not be paid by card and the nearest cash dispenser is quite far.
    • Cloakroom is included in admission.
    • To get out into the smoking area you need to go one floor down by stairs.
    • Theatre lobby sells mild alcoholic beverages and no other alocolic beverage may be consumed there. In the main hall you may drink your personal beverages.
    • Busses 14 and 15 (Kauppatori - Saramäki) take you closest to the party. Service is sparse and last bus leaves Kauppatori at 22.50 http://bussit.turku.fi/
    • Bus 1 (Kauppatori - Airport) have better service that continues longer but you need to walk about 500 metres more.
    • Taxi from the city centre will cost about 15€.
    • There is plenty of free parking available in the immediate vicinity.